The New Fruit and Veg Snack?

GoGo Squeez

GoGo Squeez

GoGo Squeez Fruit and Veg snack pouches. We got this set free from BzzAgent and this particular one consists of apple, pear and carrots and went down a hit with the kids which is impressive as they’re not big fans of pears. We had tried a different flavour before getting these and using the coupons we’ve received from this to try other flavours, they have all been a hit.

The kids just don’t realise that they have vegetables in them and they’re also relatively healthy, not filled with junk or an insane amount of sugar. Taste wise, not to much different to the regular fruit pouches.

Cost wise, they run around the $2.55 range for a 4 pack, about 5c more than the regular, plain, fruit versions so not to bad but you can keep an eye out and get a deal often as currently they’re reduced price at Target. They are also pretty easy to find, the only big grocery store we’ve not found these were in Wegmans, which is a shame as they carry the regular pouches. Also the bulk stores, like BJ’s only seem to carry the regular apple and cinnamon.

Another great feature of these is the large paddle style cap lid, which makes it very easy for little hands to open if you’re in the car and hand one over to the kids.

Go check them out, they’re great! 🙂

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The new kids favourite snack?

We got this Reese’s peanut butter and chocolate spread as a free sample from Influenster and it’s been a bit hit with the kids.

I thought it was a bit gross when I heard about it but was pleasantly surprised as it’s not to sweet. The kids however have really loved it.

It has given new life to the old staple of ants on a log, using this, celery is now popular. They’ve enjoyed it with carrots, crackers and in a plain old sandwich. It’s also good whipped in with cream as a filling to a cookie sandwich.

Keep meaning to try it with bacon, but haven’t gotten that far yet. Worth trying out and willing be getting it again for the kids.