TD Bank Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program

The “Summer Reading Program”, each kid reads or has 10 books read to them, TD Bank will give your kids $10 each either for a new or an existing account, but the program ends end of the month, 30th September.

Great little program this and essentially free money for your under 18 year olds so got nothing to lose.


Nappy Codes?

Huggies v Pampers

So you’ve been buying nappies and noticing that they have a sticker on the inside with a code you can redeem for prizes, with the flyer being able to win a years supply of nappies and wipes, how awesome!

Well not exactly…but you’ve nothing to lose by trying.

Once you’ve set up a user profile at both sites, you can plug your codes in. Pampers certainly make this a lot easier to do, as you can add more than one code at a time and if you’re anything like me, I just keep them in a draw and do a bunch at a time when bored some evening, and gives you a chance to check out other prizes being offered.

Huggies, you have to enter and submit a code each time and also select a store where you bought them from a drop down menu, which is more hassle.

On the other hand, to enter the year supply of nappy and wipes with Huggies, it only costs you 5 points per draw and you can enter as often as you want. Pampers cost you 20 points to enter their monthly competition.

They both offer many other prizes that you can enter for. Huggies have a instant win thing where the prizes are smaller and use less points, but you find out straight away and they also have small monthly prizes such as a box of nappies that you can enter and wait till they draw a winner. Pampers allow you to spend the points on products, toilet seats, toys, that kind of thing as well.

One nice thing about Pampers, they have a chart showing how many points you’ll likely earn for each product, because different type of nappies, sizes and number count get different points ranging from 10 for wipes or a small packet to 180 for a large box for instance. Huggies doesn’t appear to do this and the points ranged from 4 I’m guessing for the wipes, to 25 for a packet of nappies.

At the end of the day, you’ve got nothing to lose by keeping the codes and doing the programs, but they probably aren’t worth the extra cost over getting a store branded box of nappies, especially if they had a coupon you could use.




Free Discovery Museum Fridays

This is great for anyone living in the burbs or fancying a bit of a change.

The Children’s Discovery Museum in Acton.

Every Friday till the end of August, between 4:30 and 8:30pm both the Children’s Museum and the Science Museum portions at the place are free.

The Children’s portion is fantastic for little kids, ideally from say 2.5 up till around 6 or so as they get to play with a fake train, water tables and a giant human bubble maker as well as a diner, a jungle themed room, a boat themed room, a theatre and a host of other fun little things for kids to play around with and explore.

Then over to the Science portion, aimed at slightly older kids, but 3 year olds will still love this. There are plenty of things for all ages, especially the musical instrument and noise making activities and water based activities.

Spending the evening here is very easy to do and a lot of fun. Not as crazy busy as the time they were doing the Free Friday event for the Highland Street people, so very easy to get in, park and play. The garden area is a great spot to have a picnic if you arrive early, or just play in the huge sandpit outside if the weather is nice.






Mark Binder – Author and Entertainer

Mark Binder

An author of children’s books. He bills himself more as a story teller though and if you get a chance to catch him doing a book session, you really should!

He has read at a lot of libraries and it was there that I managed to catch a show, which went on for 45 minutes, stories and a little bit of music, just enough to entertain and keep little minds in tune for.

Binder, has a collection of around 6 traditionally printed books, of which “It ate my sister” and “The bedtime story book” are particularly good collection of stories. He also has a collection of audio books and e-books. The audio books would be great to collect as he has such enthusiasm and energy in his story telling. Of which, is’t a strict reading of his books, but a collection of age appropriate stories, some of which are based on the written tales but many being based off of stories you might recognise, that have either been updated or merged with similar stories, all with great amusement and audience participation.

At the end of the reading session, he did have a collection of audio CD’s and books you could buy, offering them for $10 each instead of the regular $15, and if you bought two, you could get a third for free. These were all signed and personalised. He accepted cash, cheque and credit card, so you don’t have to worry about being caught short if you wanted to buy a book after a showing.

For a list of his free readings, of which seem to be mostly in MA and RI can be found here.








Aqueduck Bathroom Faucet Extender – Review

Aqueduck Bathroom Faucet Extender

This product is made by Peachy LLC


For anyone with toddlers who are potty trained or getting that way, this is a really useful product!

You’ve got a toddler up on their stool, trying to wash their hands and they just can’t reach and you don’t want to be lifting them up every time, especially when they’re starting to get a little heavy.

This is a simple, plastic piece that has a rubber attachment on one end which holds this onto the sink faucet and the plastic folds up creating a tube. Easily attaches to a variety of sink faucets.

Simple, easy to use product that’ll help your kids out.

Best place to buy this seems to be on Amazon for $13






Tanglewood Marionettes – Review

Tanglewood Marionettes

So these guys, based in Ware, MA and do shows all over the state and further a field.

I most recently saw the “The Fairy Circus” performance which was held at the Strawberry Festival in Concord, MA.

I have seen them perform else where, with other shows, but this one in particular I thought was most appropriate for little toddlers and a mix range of kids. It was a lovely performance, with music and very laid back with a nice little bit of audience participation.

The performer really knew how to engage the kids as well as the parents and handled the crowd really nicely, especially when kids where getting a little too close to the stage.

After the show, the children were allowed to get a close up look of the puppets and touch them which was really nice, as they were lovely.

They have a pretty good list of free, public performances listed for the summer on their website, which if you get the chance, you should definitely check out with your family!

Family Fun – Strawberry Festival

>Verrill Farm in Concord, MA

25th June, 11am-3pm
Strawberry Festival, including ponies, hay rides, muppet shows, live music and a strawberry dessert competition.
Could be a lot of family fun for free.

Things to Do – The Ecotarium

The Ecotarium out in Worcester, MA

It’s a great day out for kids, especially those 2-8 as they have a lot of activities for the kids to play around with, water toys, mini wind tunnels, music and light toys.
More than that, a collection of live animals, great collection of turtles, frogs and birds.
On a good day, they have lots of trails outside which are lovely too, nice short walks around a pond, with places to observe the water life and bird life, those some of these paths aren’t very easy to get around with a push chair while others were. The kids playground is also very nice and spacious.
Some of the attractions were closed such as the walking tree canopy, which I could see being fun in the summer, and also the polar bear wasn’t on display. The train ride is though and that is very cool, but it is a shame that some of these attractions cost extra.
One big tip, get a library pass to this place, entrance is then only $5 for adults and kids under 3 are free and older kids are $3 instead of being $12 for adults and $8 for kids.

Eating out at American Girl Bistro

>American Girl Factory, going for lunch at the Bistro, certainly an experience.

Cute as the place was, lending you a doll with a high chair if you don’t have your own, it’s still an over priced treat.

$16.50 for a fixed starter and main course plus drinks and $7.50 for a kids menu, which is a main meal and ice cream.

The food is good, but the descriptions were a little deceptive. Fondue of strong cheddar cheese with crusty farm style bread turned out to be what appeared to be melted Velveeta cheese and soft chunks of normal bread.

It was good but not quite as expected, but better than the veggie skewers, which consisted of a piece of pepper, a tomato and cucumber.

Main meal, the macaroni and cheese had the same cheese as fondue, the side of fruit was a couple pieces of melon. This contrasted with the kids version which did have a good portion of fruit and vegetables on the side.

The salmon meal was fantastic on the other hand, good portion of salmon, nice side of steamed broccoli and carrots with a good serving of mashed potatoes.

Another odd thing about the place, no booster seats, only high chairs.

Certainly a fun afternoon treat with the little one, but some how I think it would be better for icecream and coffee kind of break.

Get $10 free for kids summer reading program

>TD Banknorth are doing a summer reading program for children, anyone under 18.

Don’t need to be a current customer, but if you are, that’s okay too, just set a savings account for the child and they read ten books by the end of September and they get $10 put into the account.

To open an account, you need $25. It’s also a free account until the child hits 18, then you need a minimum balance of $250 or it’s a $3 a month fee.

For a free $10, what the heck, and your kid gets to read a bunch of books.