Collection of Boston Game Loop Writeups!

Information about what the Boston Game Loop is all about, for those who don’t know can be found here.

For those who weren’t able to make the GameLoop, a collection of notes, thoughts and write ups from various people who attended, in various disciplines are listed here that I could find. If there are any others, please let me know.

Darius Kazemi, on his blog, Tiny Subversions, has a indepth write up here.

“Embracing failure in game narratives”


Hybrid Mind Games

“Unconference unwriteup from a game undesigner” by Nick Lalone

For a photo look into the conference, Elliott Mitchell, has posted a public album here.

For those interested in the Philly Game Loop, which was a spin off from the Boston event, a good write up of that event can be found here.


Boston Unity Work Flow Event

Make Your Ideas a Reality: Suites and Unity Workflow

“On Tuesday, June 14th we are hosting event that should knock your socks off… Make Your Ideas a Reality with a Max and Maya workflow that works with Unity – there will be an in-depth look at Unity and the workflow with Max and Maya – then Carl will demonstrate how to make a game and build it for the web, iOS and Android.

Jono Forbes will be presenting Defective Studio’s Unity-based world-builder, Platformer, working with their Maya plug-in for full modeling of terrain, and the ease in which it lets you move back and forth between Maya and Unity.

Carl Callewaert has 10 years experience working in motion capture, 3d animation and game development. His professional experience includes working as a liaison between artists, programmers and sales department on software/hardware development, motion capture pipelines and (mobile) game development. As an Autodesk Certified Instructor and Unity expert, Carl has taught specialized courses and workshops on game engines, key framing, motion capture, photo-realistic rendering, visual effects, modelling, level editing at companies and education institutes. Currently, Carl is Unity evangelist at the award wining company Unity Technologies . He also runs Fundi 3D where he is involved in the production of games. At The Gaming and Animation Institute of Fredericton Carl oversees the 3D gaming programs and runs the eMentorship program.

When: Tuesday, June 14th, 6pm – 10pm
Where: Bunker Hill Community College

How Much?: Free. But registration is required”

Should be an interesting event for Boston Indies to get involved with especially as the folks at GET put on such great stuff for the games community!

What is Tech Art?

>Here are presentation videos from the talk given at 3D Stimulus Day.

The panel was hosted by Chad Moore, who you can follow on twitter as @smapdi
He also has a great blog with a load of information about how to get a job as well as including slides to his talks which you can find here.
The rest of the panel was made up of the following people –
Ryan Griffin, Senior Character TD, Turbine – @griffinanimator
Elliott Mitchell, Vermont Digital Arts –
Brandon Bateman, Senior Tech Artist, Turbine
Farley Chery, Instructor, ITT Institute and Bunker Hill Community College
Justin Woodard, Technical Artist, Turbine –

The presentation covers what a technical artist means, covering how the varied role differs between the size and direction of the company from a large corporation to a small indie developer.

Roughly 45 mins in total over 3 parts, the final part includes part of the Q&A session.

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 3 –

Using Unity3D to create a 2D game


Presentation given by Alex Schwartz and Yilmaz Kiymaz of Owlchemy Labs.

The topic of making a 2D game by mixing 2D and 3D in Unity and some of their tools that were created and techniques that can easily be used.

Some of these tools are available on their website for free.
The presentation is in three parts, totalling around 45 minutes.
Part 1-3:
Part 2-3:
Part 3-3 including the QA session:

PAX East – Party


10th March 7-10pm at the MS NERD Centre –
For anyone in the area and especially those going to PAX East, it’s a great party event to network with people.
It’s a freebie event, get in touch for the discount code, it’s there to keep those not in the industry off with the entry cost.
Pass it on to your friends. That’s a link to some info of the party last year!

Boston Game Loop 2010

>The Boston Game Loop that happened over the weekend.

Great local event that was well tended, with many local developers, but also with quite a few well travelled companies.


Images showing proposed topics of discussion on the fly at the event, photo by Boston Innovation. More photos of the event here.

A couple of good write ups of the event that are worth reading can be found by, Cruise Elroy here and by Boston Innovation here.

A good over view of the event and discussion about it as well as improvements can be found on Rob Zacny’s blog here.

Jobs in 3D Panel Talk

>NEDAG have arranged a panel discussion focusing on jobs in 3D -

Location – 32 Vassar Street Cambridge, MA 02139

Date – 29th September

Panelists include:

Thom Ang: Art Director, 38 Studios
Kevin Fanning: Manager of Strategic Staffic, Harmonix
Kristin Casasanto: Director Career Services, NEIA
Gael McGill: CEO of DigiZyme, Harvard Lecturer, Medical Visualization Specialist

Boston Post Mortem

>The IGDA’s local chapter, the Boston Post Mortem September monthly meeting was sponsored this month by GamerDNA so a big hand of thanks to them for the talk, the food and the free drinks.

Jon Radoff who heads the organisation gave the talk, which was about gaming trends covering the big hits of COD4, GTA4 etc and the world of MMO’s.

It was interesting to see how Rock Band faired against Guitar Hero in the long term in the amount of usage spent by players.

There was a lack of coverage on the indie market which I felt was a shame because it would have been interesting to hear how indie developers fair against similar competition – How Castle Crashers compares with other indie released games in regards to sales and level of actual game time players put in, because it is another realm to the large marketed big budget games, and for many studios, this kind of data would be far more valuable.

The venue, the Skellig is a charming venue though with a good bar and space at the back for the event to take place, but these events are busy and seating is limited, this means it can be difficult to actually ask questions in the Q&A session after the talk. Jon was willing to answer questions privately, I just didn’t think that benefitted the audience as much as it could.

The crowd was made up with a good mix of professionals in the industry, the location being fairly central and with a lot of free parking just behind the pub helping out a lot in this regard. There were a large number of students or recent grads from a local games art school there, they were interesting to talk with, but did make networking and job hunting more diluted for those already in the industry.