The New Fruit and Veg Snack?

GoGo Squeez

GoGo Squeez

GoGo Squeez Fruit and Veg snack pouches. We got this set free from BzzAgent and this particular one consists of apple, pear and carrots and went down a hit with the kids which is impressive as they’re not big fans of pears. We had tried a different flavour before getting these and using the coupons we’ve received from this to try other flavours, they have all been a hit.

The kids just don’t realise that they have vegetables in them and they’re also relatively healthy, not filled with junk or an insane amount of sugar. Taste wise, not to much different to the regular fruit pouches.

Cost wise, they run around the $2.55 range for a 4 pack, about 5c more than the regular, plain, fruit versions so not to bad but you can keep an eye out and get a deal often as currently they’re reduced price at Target. They are also pretty easy to find, the only big grocery store we’ve not found these were in Wegmans, which is a shame as they carry the regular pouches. Also the bulk stores, like BJ’s only seem to carry the regular apple and cinnamon.

Another great feature of these is the large paddle style cap lid, which makes it very easy for little hands to open if you’re in the car and hand one over to the kids.

Go check them out, they’re great! πŸ™‚

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The new kids favourite snack?

We got this Reese’s peanut butter and chocolate spread as a free sample from Influenster and it’s been a bit hit with the kids.

I thought it was a bit gross when I heard about it but was pleasantly surprised as it’s not to sweet. The kids however have really loved it.

It has given new life to the old staple of ants on a log, using this, celery is now popular. They’ve enjoyed it with carrots, crackers and in a plain old sandwich. It’s also good whipped in with cream as a filling to a cookie sandwich.

Keep meaning to try it with bacon, but haven’t gotten that far yet. Worth trying out and willing be getting it again for the kids.

Smiley360 Tazo Chai Taster

Having been sent a few samples to try from Smiley360, I dived right in on the least appealing flavour of the trio which was caramel vanilla.

It did smell okay but it really tasted vile. Didn't have the nice spicy undertones and warm feeling that a chai tea should have.

I've had the second sample, which is the chocolate flavoured one and this is much nicer. Has a real chai taste with the spices about it with a nice hint of chocolate that isn't to over powering.

The last sample was "Classic". I found the classic chai flavour to be the nicest.

It just seems to work well both as a hot tea but also lovely as a chilled drink, that even the kids liked when served with a good shot of milk.
One thing that I consistently liked about the Tazo teabags is the quality of the bags and the ease of using them. The packets of tea leep the teabags nice and fresh, open easily with a rip along the top and the string/paper tag is nice and long to fit in your travel mug nicely and not fall it and the paper bit doesn't disintegrate like so many other brands do.
Worth a punt, especially the organic, classic.

Strawberry Fest Review

Strawberry Festival

As mentioned last week, this happened last Saturday.

It’s definitely a great event to be marked into your calendar for next year as it was a lovely, family event.

The strawberries were superb and the pick your own plentiful, as well as being very well priced at $3 a pound.

The farm also had a lovely marketstand type store where you could buy locally grown fruit and veg, which seemed to be very well priced as well. Plenty of lovely looking home made lunches boxes were available as well.

Because of the rain this time around, I don’t think they had the pony rides which was a shame, but they did move the music and puppet shows into the greenhouse and there was plenty of room to enjoy them.

The one main consideration I think would be to arrive early, because even with the heavy morning rain, which had cleared out by the time this started at 11am, the place did get very busy by the time we arrived at lunchtime. There was quite a lot of parking available, but it was still a bit of a struggle to find a spot.

There also might be a bit of a struggle to use a pushchair if you had to as there might not much space to move it around easily when the shows get going and it’s certainly very grassy outside.

The toilets inside were also very nice and clean and they had ample portaloos outside as well.

I’ll get around to writing a review for the music and the puppet shows, which were both fantastic entertainment for everyone.

Brit and other bargain goodies

So at the moment, The Christmas Tree shop has been carrying crates and crates, in loads of locations of Robinson’s Barley Water, both in lemon and orange flavours for $1 each instead of the going $7.50 a bottle.

They also had sun factor 50 sun screen, especially childrens sun screen for $3 which normally go for $8-9 in Target.
Then head over to Ocean State Job Lots, they had chocolate digestives and hob nobs for $2 each and also a 2 for 1 deal on Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, which were $3 each, which is a bargain.

Family Fun – Strawberry Festival

>Verrill Farm in Concord, MA

25th June, 11am-3pm
Strawberry Festival, including ponies, hay rides, muppet shows, live music and a strawberry dessert competition.
Could be a lot of family fun for free.

Fruit Snacks

>We’ve been trying out some mixed fruit snacks. There are loads out there so really, get what you think is reasonably priced and as healthy as you are bothered with.

A pretty good range is the Del Monte Fruit Naturals as the fruit cups are a decent size, you can get boxes of them for quite cheap in the bulk stores, often with coupons and they’re pretty easy for little ones to eat on the whole.
One variety I wouldn’t recommend, surprisingly at least was the mixed berries variety. It’s supposed to be a mix of blueberries and raspberries/blackberries. Very tub so far has only had a couple of blackberries and the blueberries were the nuclear huge ones that are so tough that our little one would be chewing on those for hours. It’s a shame as she does actually like that variety.

Munchkin Two Snack Catchers Reviewed

>Snacks and car seats, always a mess waiting to happen, so there are plenty of little containers designed to hold the snacks whilst providing easy access to little hands.

I got a double pack of Munchkin Snack Catchers. They range anywhere from around $4 to $8 for a pair depending on where you get them.

They look great, they are dish washer safe which is a huge plus and generally they get a great review.

The reality is, they’re a bit shit.

The actual container is so flimsy even with the lid on that it can be squished quite easily, which results in all the snacks falling out. The opening in the lid is way to larger and flexible that anything slightly small for a snack falls out and the flaps don’t hold anything back from falling out when little hands reach in to grab at stuff.

For all the good these things do, you really wouldn’t notice any difference between using a normal open container but at least something like that you can put a lid on so they don’t shake all the contents into your bag if your carrying it around which this will do as it squishes together.

Find something else would be my advice.

Lunch Out With the Little One

Just had lunch at a couple of places over the last few days, where I’ve not eaten before.

First was at Chick-Fil-A which was in a mall. The food wasn’t what impressed me, because it was pretty meh, fried chicken and the kids meal was really limited to chicken nuggets and you had to pay extra to substitute the waffle fries for a fruit cup.

What was really good, especially for a place in a mall food court, the service. They offered to have someone take your food to a table if you had your hands full with a pushchair, never had that happen before and certainly makes up for the food. The waffle fries are awesome though!

The second place I tried, The Border Cafe. This was great, the kids menu had a good selection of meals from the usual grilled sandwich to chicken tacos with a decent serving of the string fries, salad, soft drink and a choice of chocolate or a packet of sweats for desert, all for $3.

Only down side seemed to be the fairly open plan of the place, which could have been the location I was at rather than the other restaurants. They had plenty of high chairs, but they were still a little low for the high tables and the lack of booths meant it did get quite nosy during lunch as it was very busy. The service was great, the food was out very quickly, all lovely and well priced with good portions and the fresh tortillas and salsa make for a great free snack while your waiting for your food. Loved it.