Bath time!

This should be a time of fun, but with the wrong tub, it can be hell.

What we were given at our baby shower was by Safety 1st Infant Tub. Similar to the one linked. In theory it sounded great, which is why we registered for it, it’s got an easy drain plug, it’s got non slip grips and a thermal sticker to gage the water temperature.

The reality was, it was rubbish, the sticker never changed colour, the non slip pads didn’t really hold the baby at all. The tub also wasn’t deep enough to have enough water cover the baby, so she was always cold, and the water would cool very quickly. This resulted in pissed of nuclear baby on the epic proportions, which was not good and also heart breaking.

Someone recommended the Tummy Tub, this looked awesome, nice and small, the baby slips in and feels comfortable, the water doesn’t get cold and you can easily bathe the baby, only problem was, it was close to $80 when we first looked, it’s now around $60. This is a lot when the usual bath tubs are around $25-30.

We found a cheaper knock off on Amazon, the Prince Lionheart WashPod, which is basically the same as the Tummy tub, but $25.

It has been one of the best buys for the baby so far, she now loves bath time which makes the whole process a lot easier and not a strain, plus she can play in the water and stay warm and far less mess.


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